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[1.7]Bug (kitpvp)
There is a bug that i and a few others have discovered well two that are linked, the first one is where you can take kitpvp stuff into over events based in that world and the other is where you can mix and match kits.

Bug 1
the first one is kind of simple all you have to do is select the kit and warp to the event (/warp mk for example)

the way to solve this bug is to move kitpvp's to a different world from the other events

Bug 2
This one is more complicated but it is where you take an item from one kit (hulk's sword forexample) and do /endersee and put it in there. then you change to another kit (vibumees for example) then do /endersee again to take out the item and in this case you would have hulk's sword with the vibumees kit.

The way to solve this bug is to disable /endersee in that world
Nub cheater.
It's not a cheat it's an exploit/bug

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